Pumpkin Patch In Illinois

Pick At Garden Patch Farms

Pick at garden patch farms is a US family owned business that has been in the farming industry for over 50 years. They have worked hard to ensure their success and provide quality food products to their customers. Their goal is to offer sustainable, environmentally friendly produce with high nutritional value. With Pick at Garden Patch Farms you’ll be able to find fresh fruits like apples and strawberries as well as vegetables like broccoli and lettuce!

Pick at Garden Patch Farms is a family-owned company that offers fresh produce to the metropolitan area. They are located in the heart of Michigan, and have been in business for over thirty years. Their one hundred acres include more than forty different varieties of vegetables and fruits, which makes them one of the largest growers in Southeast Michigan. If you want to know what Pick at Garden Patch Farms has to offer or would like more information about their products, please visit our website!