Truck Farms

Truck Farms

A market garden is a small-scale production of fruits, vegetables, and flowers as cash money seeds, which are often sold directly to customers as well as restaurants. The range of plants grown on a small plot of property, usually under one acre (0.4 ha) to a couple of acres, or in greenhouses, distinguishes it from other types of growing. In certain instances, a truck ranch refers to a property with a wider variety.

A market garden is a business that offers a steady supply of fresh fruits and vegetables during the growing season in a specific area. Unlike large commercial ranches that practise monoculture and automation, diverse plants and selections are extended, as well as more hand-operated work and gardening techniques. The limited supply must be distributed by local fresh produce channels such as farm stands, farmers markets, community-supported agriculture subscriptions, restaurants, and independent produce shops. Market planting and orchard farming are also directly related to agriculture, which is concerned with the production of fruits and vegetables.

What does truck farming mean?

Truck farming is a form of horticulture in which one or more vegetable crops are grown on a large scale for shipment to distant locations or markets. Both trucking and dairy farming are agricultural traditions, but they have a lot in common.

Market gardening is the large-scale cultivation of certain vegetables in areas that are particularly suitable to their community, mainly for shipment to distant markets.

Why is it called truck farming?

Truck farms takes its name from the old north French term troquer, which means “barter” or “exchange,” rather than the transportation truck, which is derived from Greek for “wheel.” Vegetables grown for sale date back to 1784, and truck farms date back to 1866

Where is truck farming?

California, Texas, Florida, the Atlantic Coastal Plain, and the Great Lakes region are the main truck-farming regions. The locations of unique crop centres change according to the season. Tomatoes, lettuce, melons, beets, broccoli, celery, radishes, peppers, cabbage, and strawberries are among the most significant truck crops.


What is the other name for truck farming?

Garden of the market

A truck farm is a larger-scale version of this kind of farm. Horticulture, or the growing of fruits and vegetables, is strongly linked to market planting and orchard cultivation.

Why are truck farms considered highly efficient?

Truck farms are large-scale, highly productive operations that make use of machinery at any point of the increasing chain.


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A person who is specializes in this field is called as “Agriculturists”.

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